chinese new year

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happy chinese new -rabbit- year 2011!
may in this rabbit year, we could do everything based on the six perfections
giving, morality, controlling anger, enjoying good deeds,
meditative concentration and wisdom


10 reasons why your friend advises you to break up

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That person:
1. experienced the same problems before and it was the best solution
2. has friends who have similar problems and is frustrated
3. has facts that you have been cheated
4. is afraid that you might be abused or physically hurt
5. feels that you have been hurt too much
6. knows there are fundamental differences
7. thinks his/her friend is better than your boy/girlfriend
8. hates your boy/girlfriend
9. loves you or your boy/girlfriend

does your friend have the right reason?

the r.

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you taught me not to revenge

i learnt form it

but when i did wrong

you avenged me.

cute animals

January 28, 2011 § 1 Comment



this is a cat






this is a pig







this is a dog




and all of them are wearing glasses


even in the littlest amount

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There is always

hate behind every love


love behind every hatred

even in the littlest amount

PAST means ENDS.

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Most PAST tense verbs end with ‘ed’, spelled e ‘n d equals END.

Hopefully realized and remembered that ‘ed’ represents the PAST events,
which has ENDED.

just never look back ♥

salmon belly sashimi

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Salmon belly sashimi is my favorite food of all time!

Here I share a picture of one plate full with salmon belly sashimis and crabsticks. This well-prepared dish is provided by Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta.

Salmon is widely known for its positive affects towards human’s health considering that it contains omega-3 (unsaturated fat).

delicious and irresistible. who could ever say no? ♥